Let’s talk about Family Dinner Time... More specifically, Holiday Dinner. Easter is right around the corner, and for us, another reason to get together with family and indulge in another homemade meal.

Easter is often overshadowed by Thanksgiving and Christmas when it comes to family gatherings and the cuisine that surrounds it. Our family, however, still gathers around the table to partake in a feast of baked ham, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, a seven layer salad and of course, some of mom’s deviled eggs. And after, an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.

Growing up, we never paid much attention to the work that surrounds preparing such a meal. Our mother, aunts and grandmothers always spoiled us by taking care of everything on the table, we just had to do a few dishes at the end. Now that we’re adults, we now see the work involved and WOW, just wow. Planning and cooking an authentic meal for a group of people is no joke, let alone the pressure to prepare something above par for such a special occasion.

Many of our prepared foods at our Market actually started out as holiday favorites at our very own family dinner table. For example, our homemade mashed potatoes. Aunt Rose perfected this creamy, gourmet style mashed potato recipe for all of our holiday gatherings. Not only do we make this same recipe at our Market, our sister company in Ardmore (Stoltzfus Family Foods) uses it, along with Aunt Rose using it at her restaurant too (The White Horse Luncheonette).

Some of us look forward to all of the side dishes and the finger-foods, but many of us look forward to the main dish. For our family, it has always been a large baked Ham at Easter time. For others, maybe it's Lamb or Beef. Whatever your preference is, we are sure to accommodate.

Check out our Easter Menu for fresh meats, hams and prepared foods. We begin taking Easter orders on Friday, March 13th.